The Corrugated Carton

The Corrugated Carton Industry in Malaysia was born with the country move towards industrialization in the mid-1960s serving the country packaging needs.


Progress, as with all things, was painfully slow at the beginning. However, with the vision and dynamic leadership from the Public Sector and the enthusiasm of the private sector, the momentum of growth picked up and by the late 1970s to early 1980s, more than a dozen box plants were in operation in Peninsula Malaysia.


At this time the idea of forming an Association took shape with the following initial objectives:-

On 5th. August, 1988 this loose assembly of enthusiastic factories was finally qualified to be registered and the Malaysian Corrugated Carton Manufacturers?Association (MACCMA) was given its official birth certificate with 16 members spread over the many states of Peninsula Malaysia. 19 years later, we have 29 ordinary members and 28 associate members. Only we, as members through our untiring efforts, can determine our future direction and success.


The Committee has given deep thought to this and two very important and far-reaching decisions were made towards this end, viz.:-

1995  Companies/firms in trades related to our industry can now apply to be Associate Members of MACCMA.


1996  MACCMA was one of the founding member of the Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA) and was further elected to be the 2nd. Vice-President of the first Executive Committee. In 2001, MACCMA became the President of ACCA for a term of 2 years.


In recent years, MACCMA has held meetings/worked with various government departments like MIDA, Customs, MITI and DOE on behalf of its members on various issues affecting the corrugated industry. MACCMA has also held educational seminars, overseas study trips, annual dinners and social gatherings for the benefit of its members.


We have thus come a long way and we are sure with the commitment of members and assistance and support from Associates and other affiliated bodies we shall labour forward towards the 21st. Century with confidence.



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